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How to love a wild flower

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Step 1: Embrace the Untamed Spirit Approach with an open heart, ready to appreciate the unbridled beauty and uniqueness that define this wild flower.

Step 2: Listen to Whispers of the Wind Engage in heartfelt conversations, understanding that sometimes, the most precious words are carried on the gentle breeze.

Step 3: Shower with Sunlight Offer warmth and encouragement, just as the sun bathes the wild flower's petals in life-giving light.

Step 4: Nurture with Raindrops Provide support during life's storms, knowing that growth often stems from challenges overcome.

Step 5: Dance in the Rain Celebrate life's moments together, embracing both the joys and sorrows that shape your journey.

Step 6: Cherish Every Curve and Flaw Love the wild flower as it is, recognizing that imperfections add to its unique charm.

Step 7: Give Room to Roam Allow the wild flower the space to flourish independently, knowing that love does not seek to possess.

Step 8: Celebrate the Blossom Revel in the wild flower's moments of splendor, knowing that your nurturing has contributed to its vibrant bloom.

Step 9: Stand by Through Seasons Be a constant presence through changing times, offering unwavering support and love.

Step 10: Admire from Afar Understand that sometimes, the wild flower's essence is best admired by allowing it to exist in its wild, natural state.

Solid Sterling Silver 

Width 15,3mm
Weight 8 g aprox (depends on size)

For custom ring sizes, please contact us.