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Morning tale

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In that boundless field, at the cusp of 6:14 in the morning, the scene is imbued with a tranquil grandeur. Water droplets, akin to gems forgotten by the night, repose delicately upon the fragile petals of the flowers. As the sun ascends on the horizon, its gentle caress upon these pearls metamorphoses them into ephemeral beauties.

By 6:18, an ecstasy of light bursts forth from the flowers, flickering like freshly unearthed diamonds. Here, in this zenith of splendor, She, adorned in a flowing white linen gown, cradles in her hand the flower-shaped ring. The ring, a silent witness to this ballet of nature, reflects the transient beauty enveloping it.

Nevertheless, amidst this radiant beauty, the wind alters its tune, whispering ancient secrets, and she, with a gaze brimming with enigma, contemplates the ring with a sigh seemingly carrying the deepest of mysteries. Her eyes fixate on something beyond the horizon, and in that very moment, the field itself seems to hold its breath, foretelling the imminent twist in a tale that will alter the course of time.


Solid Sterling Silver + Black Diamond


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