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Forgotten Chronicles of an Attic

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In the secluded attic, where the traces of time lie in every corner, he was immersed in his search among the shadows. The sunlight, elusive but persistent, streamed through the window at the right end of the room, weaving a dance of golden gleams that heightened the scene, casting radiance upon the past.

As his eyes roamed among the forgotten chairs, the paintings veiled by cloths preserving their essence, and the once majestic furniture, his steps led him to a small cupboard. Within, on a humble piece of linen, rested an object that distilled an unfathomable mystery. A solid gold band, its smooth surface contrasting notably with its worn and fragmented state. Its imperfections, marked by age and use, were like scars bearing witness to a life filled with experiences.

Intrigued by the enigma of the piece, he picked it up with curiosity, immediately noting the significant weight in his hand. It was a plain, unadorned solid gold band, covered by a fine layer of dust accumulated over decades. Yet, as he gently wiped it with his clothing, its surface revealed an intense and unique brilliance that seemed to defy time itself.

The light, dancing upon the smooth yet weathered skin of the ring, cast shadows and radiance that evoked reminiscences of past lives. Each mark, each flaw in its integrity, told indelible stories that begged to be unraveled.

In that moment, he understood that this singular jewel, with its history inscribed in the gold of its imperfections, contained within it a grand chronicle. It was a mystery that had remained hidden in the shadows of decades. It was a treasure forgotten in the attic of time, awaiting discovery to release its narrative.



Solid 18K Yellow Gold

Aprox. 17grs.