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Belle's Harmony

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“Belle’s Harmony” is a ring that embodies a tale of majesty and resilience. Originally, this piece held a grand central stone, a symbol of power and elegance. Over time, the gem became dislodged, and the ring split in two, creating a unique opening that reveals its inner structure. The pearls adorning the edges are witnesses to its former splendor. Each pearl, meticulously placed, symbolizes enduring beauty and unyielding strength.

This ring is a tribute to Belle, whose name means “beautiful” and represents elegance and grace. Her presence was as timeless as the pearls that now adorn the ring, and her spirit lives on through this piece. “Belle’s Harmony” is not just a piece of jewelry, but a testament,  but a testament to the greatness that persists despite time and adversity.

Solid Sterling Silver + Pearls

Width 13,6mm

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